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Innovative technology is at the forefront of digital transformation, helping organisations with revenue generation and value creation. A lack of digital business competence will cause 25% of businesses to lose competitive ranking1.

Backed by deep subject matter expertise and extensive digital capabilities, the StarHub Digital Services Unit designs digital strategies and develops innovative, sustainable, data-driven solutions to fuel growth, optimise digital competencies, and accelerate digital and business transformation.

Enterprise Process &
Workflow Automation
We help your organisation achieve process excellence by automating tasks, documentation, and data collection, so you can save time, reduce administrative workloads and manual errors.
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We help your organisation achieve ESG goals and prepare for a sustainable future through technology that encompasses a diverse range of cutting-edge innovations from renewable energy to sustainable Smart City Management Solutions.
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We help the retail sector enhance customer experience and optimise resources with innovative technologies and solutions, such as customer loyalty programmes and quicker and safer checkout systems, to attract and retain customers.
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Enterprise Process & Workflow Automation


Organisations are leveraging automation of workflows and manual tasks to drive significant improvements in productivity and customer experience. This helps save up to 3 work hours a day2, freeing up staff from low-value tasks and assisting them in higher-value work. 

StarHub's Digital Services Unit helps you do the same by intelligently digitising and automating all types of processes at scale, regardless of your industry-type.

Application Development
Application Development
Data Platform & Analytics
Data Platform & Analytics
Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation
Business Process Automation
Business Process Automation
Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications


Get Your Best Work Done, Smarter & Faster

Drive Productivity & Accuracy

By relieving employees of mundane, low-value tasks, automation frees them to work on higher-value work. Overall accuracy is also improved with human error eliminated.
Ensure Policy Compliance

Eliminate inefficient and tedious processes while simultaneously ensuring policy adherence and generating data on compliance performance.

Workflow mapping creates visibility into the processes being automated, giving a top-down analysis of all workflows to identify time- and resource-consuming tasks that could be removed or optimised.
Track & Optimise Performance

Automation enables the tracking of workflow performance from end to end, allowing for easy review of business operations.

Green Technology


As organisations contribute to more than 83% of Singapore’s electricity consumption3, advancing sustainability among enterprises will create a real and significant impact. Amid the nation-wide movement to transition to a low-carbon economy, sustainable innovation is now more necessary than ever.

Leveraging digitalisation and big data, our Green Technology solutions align your business strategies with the Green Plan, to help you achieve energy efficiency and green productivity, and create sustainable business value.

More on our Green Tech Managed Services.

Smart Energy Management
Smart Energy Management
Smart Hygiene Management
Smart Hygiene Management
Smart Waste Management
Smart Waste
Smart Facility Management
Smart Facility Management


Advance Your Sustainability Agenda

Lower Energy Consumption & Costs

Efficiency saves money. Reducing resource and energy wastage will have a knock-on effect to costs. Research also shows that sustainability-led innovations yield both bottom-line and top-line returns4.
Enhance Brand Reputation & Value

Green organisations demonstrate that sustainability is part of their mission and company culture. With the growing emphasis on ESG, building up your green credentials will give you a competitive edge.
Achieve Long-Term Resiliency

With the government enforcing green provisions or regulations, going green would ensure your organisation stays future-ready and avoid incurring carbon taxes down the line.

Digital Retailing


In today's digitalised society, where consumers have the convenience of instant access to an abundance of information, the retail sector is accosted with difficulties in attracting and retaining consumers' attention. Consumers are also demanding for more from their shopping experience.

Due to this, retailers are looking towards utilising innovative technologies and solutions to enhance customer experience whilst optimising resources, such as quicker and safer checkouts. Our Digital Retailing solutions will help you not just to keep up with, but also stay ahead of your competition.

POS System
POS System
Customer Loyalty Apps
Customer Loyalty Apps


Provide Your Customers with Frictionless Transactions & Customised Experiences

Effective Demand & Supply Management

A unified view of stock and customer data, such as buying and seeking behaviours, enables you to chart trends and in turn effectively manage your supply chain, product assortment, merchandising, and more.
Staying Ahead of Competitors

Optimise your retail strategy, boost efficiency, and ensure your products are always competitive with automated tracking and real-time analysis of competitors' strategies and market trends.
Deliver Better User Experiences

More convenience for your customers through the use of automated notifications and recommendation engines that provide suggestions on the most relevant items and promotions to each customer.

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