Unlock the Intelligence of Things with StarHub IoT


Driven by innovative solutions to tackle unique business challenges, we believe in delivering only the best fit network to help you achieve measurable business outcomes. Supported by our expertise in data analytics and cyber security, we are able to deliver smarter and more secure IoT solutions to meet your company-specific needs.

Tap on our suite of interconnected smart solutions to build your IoT eco-system and open up a world of opportunities to streamline operations, boost efficiencies and transform your business with StarHub today.

StarHub's dual band nationwide NB-IoT
IoT Connectivity

Tap on our reliable telecommunications network. StarHub's comprehensive IoT connectivity through Mobile, Fixed, Wi-Fi and LP-WAN ensures that your business is well supported with the best fit network for your smart solutions.

StarHub IoT Solutions for your business needs
IoT Solutions

Transform your business with best-in-class solutions. We bring in only the most effective solutions that are validated after multiple rounds of stringent evaluation to simplify your business operations. You can rely on us for support throughout your IoT journey and the best-in-class solutions to meet your specific business needs.

IoT Lifecycle Planning

Starting your automation journey can be complex. StarHub’s comprehensive IoT Lifecycle Planning means your business can enjoy a smooth transition on your IoT deployment from start to end.

We offer efficient troubleshooting support, either remotely or on-site, to minimise operational downtime.
We conduct interviews or on-site visits to understand your business needs in order to recommend best suited solutions.
Specially tailored solutions fit your company-specific operations and processes to help you achieve your business objectives effectively.
Rigorous solution testing ensures solutions are smoothly integrated into existing systems and running on optimised capacity.
We conduct on-boarding trainings to empower you to maximise the solutions.

See how StarHub IoT delivers next generation connectivity to boost your business productivity.


Connect your network of devices wherever they are to make them work together for you.

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M2M Workforce Manager

Optimize your most important resource, simplify workflows and shorten deployment time.

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M2M Fleet Manager

Track your vehicles wherever they go to improve visibility, control and efficiency.

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