Best WiFi coverage with StarHub Smart WiFi

Introducing the all-new StarHub Smart WiFi. With faster speeds and wider coverage, you will never find a deadspot in your home again. Just plug-and-play and install the device via a mobile app, and you can start enjoying superfast connectivity in every corner of your home.

Best WiFi coverage

Best video streaming experience


smart wifi wireless router

Why Smart WiFi?


Wireless AC1200 Dual-Band
2x2 MIMO on 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band

Smart WiFi & Seamless Roaming
Intelligent self-organizing mesh and built-in edge analytics delivers whole home optimal wireless coverage.

Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) Support
Switch over to less congested Wi-Fi bands for better wireless performance. DFS band provides you with additional 5GHz channels, enabling better performance in a router and helping to improve the internet speed.

Dual mode
Acts as a standalone Wireless Router or Mesh Unit in a mesh network.

Remote firmware upgrade
Always updated with the latest firmware without hassle.

Smart WiFi outperforms in benchmark tests

Smart WiFi vs Brand A
20% faster

The graph shows Smart WiFi’s range and speed outperforming Brand A. Smart WiFi not only sports a higher average connection speed, but is almost 20% faster in a low-connectivity situation without line-of-sight to the router. 

3-bedroom home
2X coverage

In terms of coverage alone, Smart WiFi can cover a whopping 1,500sq. ft area per unit. Two Smart WiFi units can cover an entire 3-bedroom home. Comparing to some last-gen mesh networking unit of the same class that can cover only 900sq. ft, that’s almost double the coverage!

Smart WiFi vs Brand G
Better performance

With the Y-axis refering to throughput in Mbps and X-axis being the number of devices, this graph shows Smart WiFi delivering higher throughput compared to Brand G across all test nodes. It was tested with 10 devices (phones, laptops, etc) connected to two units of Smart WiFi in a mesh network setup and tested across 10 different spots within a house.

  • Benchmark tests were conducted by Nokia R&D.


Recommended minimum number of StarHub Smart WiFi units based on your housing type

recommended number of starhub smart wifi

1-2 Bedrooms

smart wifi set of 2

3-4 Bedrooms


smart wifi set of 3

5 Bedrooms and above,
Landed and Multi-storey home


As each home is different, the number of units needed depends on various factors such as housing type, size and the usage. If the first unit of Smart WiFi is located at the entrance of your home, more units of Smart WiFi is recommended for the best WiFi coverage. 

manage your network with the nokia wifi app

Manage your network with the Nokia WiFi app

  • Advanced parental controls
  • Turn on guest network
  • See connected devices
  • View device connection strength via Heat Map


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