Enjoy full control over your overseas data usage with these tools.

StarHub App

Managing your overseas data bills has never been easier with StarHub App. All it takes is a few taps for you to get instant updates anytime, anywhere.


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DataRoam Cap @ $100/month

No more bill shock. Now, you can limit your data roaming usage to $100 per bill cycle. Once your data roaming charges hit $100, your data roaming service will be automatically disabled until the next bill cycle. So no more bill shocks when you travel.

To enjoy this service, opt in for FREE!

Step 1

Open StarHub App and select "Mobile"

Step 2

Select "Roaming" to view add-ons

Step 3

Select the highlighted icon

Step 4

Select data roam cap with red box

Step 5

Activate Data Roam Cap $100

Activate DataRoam Cap

Dial *100# or access it via StarHub App.

Missed Call Alerts

Have peace of mind when you're overseas. Our Missed Call Alert service sends you an SMS every time when:

  • Your phone is switched on but:
    • the call isn't answered
    • you are on the other line
    • you have rejected the call
  • Your phone is switched off or not within the network coverage range.


You'll receive an SMS alert that looks like this:

"You have missed call(s) from +65XXXXXXXX (21:59) (Singapore time). 
To call back, dial *108*65<Phone Number>#(operator dependent) or +65<Phone Number>"

Then simply follow the instructions to call back.

This service is FREE for all mobile customers with International Roaming service and StarHub Prepaid customers. No registration or monthly subscription fees needed.

Activate alerts now
Call 1633 or +65 6820 1633*

*when you are travelling overseas
Or SMS 2828

To activate: SMS <Activate> to 2828
To deactivate: SMS <Deactivate> to 2828


  • Missed Call Alert will not be sent if the missed calls are made from payphones, PABX (Hunting lines) or lines with Caller Number-Non-Display, or if the network operator you are roaming on charges for receiving SMSes.
  • The maximum number of Missed Call Alert one will receive is 20 alerts per day.
  • If your phone was switched off or not within the network coverage range, Missed Call Alert will capture up to 9 missed call numbers (sent within 3 SMSes) for the first 24 hours that your phone was switched off/out of coverage.
  • Should you decide to deactivate this free service when you are overseas, you can send an SMS request or by calling +65 68201633. However, please note that the respective overseas operators' roaming SMS charges or outgoing roaming airtime charges will still apply.
Roaming User Guide

DataRoam Cap FAQ